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EcoClean understands every property is different. Every client is different. Every need is different. We’ve got your back.
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About EcoClean

EcoClean of Asheville began as a residential service in 2005 with one client and a leap of faith. Through a decade of building relationships with our clients and zero advertising; simply only word of mouth, we grew from that single customer into over 25 happy and satisfied EcoClean clients. In 2013 EcoClean emerged into the vacation home sector and found a property management company that welcomed the vision we brought to the industry. For the past 3 years we have grown from servicing one property for them to providing regular service over 40+ properties in their portfolio. As of 2016 we are proud to say we have 10 clients that have been with us from the first year, providing over a decade of exceptional service.

Let us come to you and discuss your needs to build a cleaning plan for you. We specialize in cleaning with the environment in mind. Using only sustainable cleaning methods and non-toxic cleaning agents when possible, making your home– and the environment as clean as possible. We are locally owned and operated for over a decade serving the beautiful mountain communities of Western North Carolina.

We are a full service provider for any vacation home or second home owners needs. Handling the initial set up and inventory of the property, turning it from a personal living space into a vacation home ready to welcome your guests. We complete thorough cleanings after each guest stay, launder and replace all linens and household supplies, remove trash and recycling. One call to EcoClean does it all. Contact us today.

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About Our Team

Our heart is to have all of our staff making a living wage of $12.50/hour after working with us for 90 days. Our team members are a hard working and dedicated group of individuals that understand our values and work ethic. We are a family owned and operated business. We are flexible with hours for our working parents and tell them often they are parents first. Whatever we can do to promote a healthy home environment makes their work environment better. We preach team cleaning for a reason. When we band tougher as a team it makes the job much more doable and less exhausting. Everyone has strengths; in a team setting our clients get the benefit of the best each member of our team has to offer.